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Winter Events
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Hi Everyone!

It’s been a year riddled with adventure, so I’m stayin’ put for the holidays. Prison-style tattoos, chicken-sitting, and beef bourguignon have been checked from the list, but there are a few other things still to be done before the year is out.

this year's drawing by thien pham

Here's the skinny:

A. Art Night at the MoCA, New York - NOW!
B. Where're the Wares? - Where You Can Find My Stuff, and SUMO
C. More Than Me - Giving to Charities
D. I Heart My MOO cards !
E. Nappy New Year -  Spring 2013

A.   Art Night at the MoCA, New York  (Museum of Chinese in America)

Some of the bay area art night members are featured in a very charming exhibit at the MoCA in Chinatown, New York! For you architects out there, the museum retrofit is by Maya Lin. It's a really nice place. I did a longish write up of it on the blog here. Thank you to Jeff, Herb and Ryan for curating this two-part show, Marvels & Monsters, and Alt. Comics.

The Museum of Chinese in America
Alt.Comics: Asian American Artists Reinvent the Comic Book
featuring artists including Gene Luen Yang, Derek Kirk Kim, Lark Pien, Thien Pham and Jason Shiga from Bay Area Art Night
September 27, 2012 through February 24, 2013
215 Centre Street, New York, NY 10013

me with some early LTK comics

B. Others Besides Me - Giving to Charities

I asked about contributing to charities, so my dear editor at VIZ took charge and auctioned my Mameshiba comics and illustrations. We raised oodles of money and donated it to Global Giving's Japan Earthquake and  Tsunami relief fund (link here). One of my pieces was also auctioned and sold at the ABFFE Holiday Children's Art Auction for a healthy sum (see the fancy article below).

NEW YORK, NY, Dec. 6, 2012 – The American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression (ABFFE) is expressing thanks to the artists, illustrators, publishers and booksellers who contributed to the success of its just completed Holiday Children’s Art Auction.  More than 50 leading artists and illustrators contributed to the week-long auction on eBay.  Publishers and booksellers helped spread the word.  As a result the auction raised almost twice as much as ABFFE’s first online auction last year.  “The art was wonderful, and so was the support we received from friends who helped us find an audience,” ABFFE President Chris Finan said.  “It is impossible to thank them enough.”

The artists and illustrators who contributed to the auction are Caroline Arnold, Serge Bloch, Aliki Brandenberg, Don Brown, Lisa Brown, Eric Carle, Ricardo Cortes, Christine Davenier, Lori McElrath Eslick, Matt Faulkner, Marla Frazee, Deborah Freedman, Lindsay Barrett George, Ponder Goembel, Steve Gray, Melanie Hope Greenberg, Gareth Hinds, Dave Horowitz, Debbie Hoskins, Humayoun Ibrahim, Molly Idle, Angela Ivy, Carme Julià, G. Brian Karas, Tom Lichtenheld, David Mackintosh, Petra Mathers, Barbara McClintock, Nikki McClure, David McPhail, Wendell Minor, Barry Moser, Sal Murdocca, Andy Musser, Tao Nyeu, Beth Peck, Lark Pien, Amy Lowry Poole, Giselle Potter, Chris Raschka, Adam Rex, Dan Santat, Amy Schimler, Elizabeth Schoonmaker, Laura Vaccaro Seeger, Betsy Snyder, Kristin Sorra, Nancy Tafuri, Cynthia Von Buhler, Richard Jesse Watson, Max Xiantu, Keika Yamaguchi, Cybele Young, and John & Wendy.

ABFFE is the bookseller’s voice in the fight against censorship. It is a leader in the fight for reader privacy and the defense of the free speech rights of kids.  It is a co-founder of the Kids’ Right to Read Project and a principal sponsor of Banned Books Week. ABFFE membership is $50. For more information, check the ABFFE website, www.abffe.org.

In short, when my art can help out, it is really, really encouraging!

I would like to continue in this vein until the end of the year and need your help to do it. Many of my pieces from this year are available for sale still, and I ask that you take a look and buy something that you like. Outside of its shipping cost, I'll donate the 75% of the artwork's value to a cause of your choice. If you're stuck for who to give money to, please consider a Hurricane Sandy relief organization - that hurricane has caused some serious long-term damage!

Art for sale - click here
Where you will find the cute, creepy, absurd, abstract, beautiful, romantic, and hopeful!
If you see something you like, email me and i'll provide the dimensions, media details and price of the piece. Artwork posted in this link generally ranges between $100 to $400.

visit my flickr site and pick something you like

C. Where're the Wares? - Where You Can Find My Stuff, and SUMO!

I’ve run out of almost everything on the DIY end: silkscreen prints, minicomics, puppets, sorry! 

Mugs with cute kitties sponsoring California libraries - link here

And here are books that can still be gotten:
Lollygag,  the handmade sketchbook anthology - link here
Long Tail Kitty, Mr. Elephanter and Nursery Rhyme books - link here
We Could Be Heroes Mameshiba - link here

And last but definitely not least is Thien Pham's new book SUMO.

Thien's got a NEW BOOK and it went out in stores just this week! You should be able to find SUMO everywhere. The story will not disappoint. It's been given the thumbs up from Publisher's Weekly and heralded on BoingBoing. Buy a copy of this highschool football player gone wannabe japanese wrestler and make Thien proud! 
Also, If you are a french reader, look for the french hardback publication - it is a beaut!!!

french and american covers of Sumo, by Thien Pham!

D. I Heart MOO.com

Remember those mini cards that you could make using your flickr photos?  I just got new sets of PRcards printed by that same company, and I love them. They are printed on green recycled paper and have a mellow velvety sheen. The website and company is moo.com. If you need to make holiday cards, business cards, anything nice on paper really, da moos can do it! Designing cards using the website is no-fuss easy, so visit the site and give it a try. www.moo.com

Thanks to Dan Sharp for bringing moo back into my life!

E. coming in Spring 2013

I'm going to relax like a lazy landlubber through this holiday season, but  come next year, engines will once again be running full steam. Look forward to more long tail kitty comics, a fine collection of cartoonists and illustrators at the SF cartoon art museum,  and trip reports from LA and New York. so good wishes to you, dear readers, for the rest of 2012. Nappy New Year, zzzzzzz.....!

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