MoCCA at the Puck Building

June 7th and 8th

new york, new york

295 Lafayette at Houston

click on image for closer view

it's been a year for switching gears! i just got back from the BEA in los angeles and am now getting ready for some fun times at the MoCCA festival in new york. i will be there at TABLE A68, along with long tail kitty and squished pups goods. see you there!



d. yee said...

I have discovered your art at MoCCA. The oil painting of the cluster of dogs is amazing. I wanted to buy the piece - but someone beat me to it. haha.

It's a pleasure to meet your husband and your work through him.

Jezzka said...

hey lark! i need to get your addy to send you *something*...i'll give you a call soon.

it was so great to see you last weekend and love this painting! i'm so glad i bought it, i'm following your instructions, but this weather it's hard to find a cool dry spot in the house some days. if you're in town again, you're always welcome to come by and check out the painting on the wall! everyone loves it!